Waddup people !

Since it’s my first blogging , I’m gonna strt with some basics till I get hands-on.

Soo if you know me personally then you would definitely be aware that i’m a dog person.

Today i’m wrapping up the part about SANDY( my cute little pet ) so you can get to know her ………she’s 3 years-old and turned to be the best dog i eva had, and i have had many dogs in my time. She is the most loyal , obedient and well minded dog i have owned.


I cannot ever forget the moment when i held her in my arms for the first time and within few minutes she fell asleep .

I’ve neva known energy and love like this existed untill she came into my life

she’s been right there next to me all this time like a ”companinon” -”soul mate” and in return i’ve done my best to be there for her

I wish i could say I’ve taught Sandy more than what she has taught me over these days , but that just wouldn’t be true. She has not only been the companion i sought but a ”healer” who helped me in healing myself


okay enough flattering don’t let this cute little face fool you,she is enough mischievous and requires an eagle eye on her at all time.

There are few tasty items that she finds scrumptiously tempting beyond self constraint . Each time , after she commits the crime ,she hangs her head in shame.

Little did I know this little furious soul will become my life now.

I love her endlessly…….

okay bye! until next time……